USA, You think you got it bad? Check….

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So America thinks it’s in a bad place or people (Like me) say America is a bad place to be, well let me remind you all in America what POOR really is, some of these images are hard to view, but but viewing them you realize how good the USA is. I write a lot about the USA because most of my followers come from there and also main room at home here is a shrine to New York/Manhattan, don’t forget to read the 10 comments below.









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Below is a list compiled by a TOP group of people and was in a very big magazine, these are not my words not my thoughts. These were from other American people.

1. Few People Are Impressed By Us

Unless you’re speaking with a real estate agent or a prostitute, chances are they’re not…

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Lately… (rant)

one minute rant header
I’ve been really torn up and a bit emotionally damaged. This past week has just been a week I was very unprepared for. Well let me tell you about it, sadly this usually happens often but this week was more abnormal then most. My funds or let’s say income didn’t supply me enough to live how I was and keep a positive balance. My account unfortunately went into the negative multiple times this past week, I had to rely on friends and family(my mom) to help me keep it at a positive mark so that I wouldn’t get overcharged from the bank. Along with this trial of error on my part, I also just happened to run out of gas not once, not twice but almost three times within one week. As you can see from that I’ve been very very stressed on trying to make ends meet while still making it to work and going to my classes.

Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, guess what? It does. I bowl twice a week and I’ve been bowling since I was 13 so it’s a pretty big part of my life. I went into the bowling alley like I always do on a Monday night, only to get out of my car, open the trunk and realize my bowling balls are gone. Yes, gone! I know for sure I had them just three days prior to this because well that was the last time I bowled. Here I am panicking, hardcore panicking trying to figure out where in the world could my bowling balls be.  I called every single person I made contact with in the last few days only to be stricken by more and more disappointment as I still to this day have not located the whereabouts of my equipment.

It’s not so much that I can’t find my bag it’s more so the fact that I had just purchased new equipment not too long ago and I have a pair of $100 shoes in that bag that I haven’t even worn yet. I also have many awards given out to me along with basic bowling supplies. In total I’m sure that bag with everything it entails is worth about $400. That is $400 I personally invested into my hobby, my past time, my favorite thing to do. At this point, I’ve pretty much lost it. I was having a full blown panic attack. I didn’t know how to cope with what was presented before me as this trial. Let’s group everything up right now into a big picture.

1. My bank account was negative
2. I had virtually no gas at all
3. My bowling equipment mysteriously disappeared

This was all realized around the same time, it was a lot to process at one time and I clearly didn’t know how to handle it. Let’s move along to number four. Which occurred the day after everything was shot to hell.

4. Realized I didn’t pay a bill not only that but also missed the last month’s payment.

I’m going to summarize this all into a monetary fashion, just because that is exactly how I’m looking at it.

1. My bank account was negative – Meaning I owe the bank money, no positive balance here (-$$$)
2. I had virtually no gas at all – can’t get to work or school without gas in my car
3. My bowling equipment mysteriously disappeared – $400 worth of invested money into my sport
4. Realized I didn’t pay a bill not only that but also missed the last month’s payment. – $180 missed payment and due payment combined into one

What god did I piss off to deserve all of this at one time? Within a two day period my life just plummeted. I’m still searching for my bowling bag and I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to keep my account positive while keeping gas in my car while paying all of my bills.

It’s just been crazy for me in such a short time. I am thankful for my friends and my mom who try and support me as best as they can. Sorry for being a fuck up.

End of rant.

My Wings, now available on Amazon and Create Space!


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My poetry book ‘My Wings’ is available as paperback on Amazon and Create Space!

This collection contains 111 poems divided into two parts: My Dark Wings & My Light Wings.

Part 1: My Dark Wings is a collection of dark poetry describing some very recognizable emotions like: grief, fear, frustration, melancholy, depression, but also the strength and courage to battle on no matter what.

Part 2: My Light Wings is a collection of light poetry containing motivation, love, support and the will to enjoy life.

This poetry book is illustrated with some amazing black & white photographic artwork.

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How do I dig myself out of this hole
I want to run from this dream, this nightmare
Is there even a way to save my soul
I feel like I can’t breathe there is no air
What can I do to make myself feel whole
Is this all there is to life, this isn’t fair
I’m still very far from this goal
It can’t be fixed with tape
There’s no one else to fulfill this role
Not in any way,  form or shape
It happened, I lost control
I just want to escape

NaPoWriMo Day 12

Forget Me

Forget me
Forget what you see
Forget what you saw

Forget me
Forget I’m here
Forget I existed

Forget me
Forget memories of us
Forget you trusted me

Forget me
Forget you left
Forget my craziness

Forget me

NaPoWriMo Day 13

What’s Meant to Be

All I wanted to do was love
How love starts out in the beginning
All I wanna feel is my heart pounding
Whenever you’re with me
Looking for perfect
Surrounded by artificial
You’re the closest thing to real I see
You should be with me
What’s meant to be will be

NaPoWriMo Day 14

When I Think of You

In the beginning I thought of you all the time
You used to be my partner in crime
When I thought of you it made me feel happy
When I think of you now I get all sappy
I used to get butterflies in my belly
Today I can’t even hear your voice through the tele-
I miss that feeling only you and I had together
There’s no one by my side to get me through the stormy weather
When you left, you left a hole in my heart
I wasn’t ready or prepared for us to part
I wanted you to be there when I fall
I wanted you to see me through it all
It makes me sad that we fell through
When I think of you

NaPoWriMo Day 15