Daily Prompt: Are you being served?

Daily Prompt: Are you being served?

What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?

Every single time, well about 75% of the time this is how it goes for me.

Drive Thru : “Hi, Welcome to Wendy’s would you like to try out new Pretzel Cheeseburger?”

Me: “No, Can I just get a Double Baconator with Ketchup Only!”

Me: “Also, two order of Spicy Chicken Nuggets.”

Drive Thru: “So, that’s two spicy nuggets and a double baconator with ketchup only?”

Me: “Yes, Ketchup Only”

I drive around to the window to pay.

Drive Thru: “Here you are, have a nice day”

Me, being the person I am seeing as I spoke me order so very clearly and even reiterated it more than once. I think that they got my order write and so I go on my way.

Little do I know, that somehow in the process of communication between me and the drive thru operator, my order gets messed up.

This is how it usually goes after I get home.

Me: “Man, I can’t wait to eat this awesome baconator I’m soo hungry!”

Opens my bag, grabs the burger and takes a big fat bite!

Me: “Eww, why does this taste weiird?!”

Takes apart the burger to see what is on it.

Me: “Ohh my gosh, how can they mess up a Ketchup Only burger?!”

Thinks to myself “Oh well, I still have my spicy nuggets.”

Takes a bite of my spicy chicken nuggets.

Me: ” What the heck, these are regular not spicy!!”

I did not eat that day.

Day = Ruined

When are they ever going to get it right!?

Step up your game Wendy’s, step up your game!


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  1. Hahahahaaa!
    Poor you.
    Tell them to follow your blog and read your order.

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