My Birthday Week Extravaganza!

Where do I begin? This is going to be a jam packed post! So, if you have time feel free to read through it all! This is my whole birthday celebration week. Though I didn’t get really any presents this year, I can’t be mad at that I’m 23! I still had one of the best birthdays and the best birthday weekend ever. This is how it started off! I came into work that Wednesday (My Birthday), we had a team meeting and to my surprise (which I was completely unprepared for) everyone started singing happy birthday to me. The brought out a gift bag with a card and little goodies they knew I would like, they also brought out a couple dozen donuts because they know I usually eat donuts every single morning. I was so shocked and stunned at this unexpected event all I could do was sit there and smile like a dork. I’ve never worked for a company or around people who have ever done something like this for me, it really meant a lot and I loved it! The smaller things have always meant more to me than anything big could ever mean.


The balloon hat I was forced to wear!

After work, my family, my roommate and I decided to go out for dinner, we went to Texas Roadhouse (one of my favorite places to eat) I love their bread rolls! Oh my gosh they are just simply amazing. They just so happen to have a Balloon Artist there (just my luck right?), and my mom convinced him to make me a balloon hat for my birthday. This is how it ended, I didn’t want my picture taken so excuse the non-smile.  For dinner I had my usual, about 4-5 of their rolls and a half rack of ribs with double applesauce! Texas Roadhouse has this thing they do for birthday’s it’s very embarrassing. If there was anything to make me feel awkward this was it. I made my mom do it for her birthday, and I tried to make my little brother do it for his, but he didn’t. They tried to make me do it this year as payback, little do they know it wasn’t going to happen. Their birthday tradition is having you sit on a saddle and wave around a napkin like you were on a bull or horse. They brought it out and announced to the whole restaurant it was my birthday. I felt bad that they did all that and I wasn’t even going to participate, so I convinced my youngest brother to hop on and do it, since it was also his birthday 5 days prior to mine. He loved it, and I didn’t have to do it. Win Win for me!


Me and My Bestfriend Sarah

My birthday dinner ended and I headed on home to spend the rest of the night in my new apartment. The next day I go to work like usual, but this day was the start of my birthday continuation through the weekend. After work today I was headed off to the airport. Why to the airport you ask? I was going there to pick up my best friend Sarah who lives in Michigan (The state I’m from). I haven’t seen her in just about a year and she took time off this year to make sure I had an outstanding birthday experience. At first I wasn’t really that excited, because it just hadn’t hit me yet that she was actually coming. (this is how I was when she came to visit last year too.) So, I picked her up from the airport and we head back to my new place, since we both worked that day we didn’t really want to go out and do anything because we’d be too tired. Instead we just had an movie night, it was fun and a good way to relax to prepare us for the awesome weekend ahead.


Bad Grandpa

I took off Friday and Monday for my birthday, so that I could enjoy the weekend to the fullest without having to worry about work at all! Friday started off with me and my mom going to IKEA, we both love that place. I only went to get my dining room table but I wound up getting a really nice poster for my living room wall for a measly $28! I couldn’t resist really, when I see a good once in a lifetime deal I have to get it. The picture was a cityscape of downtown Dallas, it’s absolutely gorgeous and I love it! After going through the trials of getting the giant picture inside my car, I head on back home and Sarah and I decided what we were going to do today. Over the past couple weeks we’ve made a list of all the things we could possibly do this weekend. So I pull up they list and we start brainstorming, that didn’t last long since we both don’t like thinking for long periods of time. We ended up going to the movies first to see Bad Grandpa. I must say if you haven’t seen this movie already, go out and see it. It is hilarious! I enjoyed it very much and even laugh some, that doesn’t normally happen when I watch these type of movies. Most of the time I’m just that that wasn’t funny, that was stupid! This movie has a very good mixture of both funny and stupid at the same time. It should be in the top 3 of your movies to go see this week.

After the movie was over, honestly I don’t remember what we did. I do know that we ended the night off with Top Golf. Now if you don’t know what Top Golf is, I will do my best to give you a quick explanation.  Top golf is a premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout spot.


Top Golf playing field

Basically there are several goals or holes, let’s just say targets to make it easier, that you have to hit the ball in to score points. The closer you hit into the center of the target the more points you get, and the farther out you hit into a target the more points you get also. The complex claims one of their facts are “If you can bowl, you can Top golf” That statement is so very untrue for me. I absolutely suck at top golf but I’m a great bowler. I’m OK with sucking though, I know going into it I’m not going to do good, I go there to have fun which I do! In no way shape or form am I a golfer or anywhere close! Long story short my best friend totally kicked my ass in Top golf, which frustrated me a little because I’m a better bowler ha-ha. We still had fun and it was a great way to kick off my birthday weekend.

Now It’s Saturday, I wake up just like any other day. I was excited because tonight I was going to my first concert, and it just happened to be one of my favorite bands: Paramore. I don’t remember what me and my bestie did beforehand I believe we watched movies and YouTube videos all day, until it was time to head off to the concert. Now this being my first ever concert I wanted to record and have proof of everything, so I recorded the whole Paramore show. It was hard standing that entire time and you can see me shaking at times because well my hand was just plain tired. Before the show though Sarah and I decided to take some pictures as a another way to remember our experience.

Overall it was a great experience, though it was my first concert I am sure it will not be my last. I absolutely love Paramore and they are just as good live, even better live than I had expected them to be. Thank you Sarah for buying the tickets and showing me a great time!

Here’s a little sneak peak! You can view the rest by going to my YouTube channel: Jullianiskool

It’s now Sunday, I didn’t want to get out of bed because of how tired I was from the awesome night before. Eventually I do actually get out of bed, what’s the first thing I do? Get on my computer and watch anime and YouTube videos! I know I’m crazy right!? As we try to decided what to do for the day again, that’s just what I do to past the time by. We  eventually went to Dave n Busters, me and my bestfriend had a little bet over a game of basketball there. I’m not going to tell you what it was, just know I won 4 times in a row! Every time I come here I always get about 1000 tickets, when I go into their prize corner there is never anything I want so the tickets just keep adding up. I’m around 10,000 tickets as of right now, I only come here maybe once a month or every other month just because I’ll get bored while I’m at the mall. We all know I can’t go too long without bowling, so after Dave n Busters we went bowling and billiards.

Dang, I didn’t take any pictures of us playing pool, oh well! There will always be next time. On Monday before her flight back home we went to the Dallas World Aquarium and to one of the parks in Downtown Dallas. It was my second time going to the aquarium and it was pretty fun, it’s like an aquarium and a mini zoo all mixed into one!

At this point you might be wondering why there aren’t a ton of pictures of me? Personally I don’t really like taking pictures, well not at much as Sarah. Though it was my birthday weekend, it was also her vacation to Dallas. I wanted my birthday to be memorable and also show her some things in Dallas in the process. At the end of the week I think I had a very good birthday week, I did some thing I’ve never done before. I made a tons of good memories in the process and I got to spend it all with my bestfriend. This was by far one of my best birthdays ever, and it will def go into the record books. I had an awesome time! Thank you to my bestfriend Sarah for coming to visit and I really hope you also had a good time. Time to start planning for next year!

“A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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